Serving East Anglia with 14th Century Living History Displays Since 1975

Some of our displays


Talks and demonstrations on the technical creation of painted manuscripts using authentic materials.


What, no spuds or sugar! Cooking over an open fire with authentic foods and  information on medieval dietary theory.


Instruction and demonstration on making the medieval longbow and its part in the English victories in France.


Hear about all aspects of warfare, from humble slinging to siege engines such as the Trebuchet and Perrier from our Gynor


Based in Norwich NANMA living historians have been providing an authentic medieval experience since 1975. We pride ourselves on our portrayal of ordinary lives in the14th century. From our craft offerings to our clothing we pay attention to the detail, sourcing period fabric and tools.

If you are interested in finding out more about NANMA and participating in the practical side of medieval history we would love to hear from you. We are a friendly, family orientated group and you are welcome to come and have a chat.

PS – Yes, we know about the dog lead, but it’s such a good photo of us on pilgrimage to St Walstan’s shrine, to absolve our many sins !

Some of our 'hands on' experiences


Remember the famous longbow men of Agincourt? Come try our 'Have a Go' archery.


Attend our scribe school and learn how to write with quill and ink.

Coin Strike

Strike your own copy of a 14th century coin of the realm, as minted in Norwich.


Come and help with the perrier as we take aim to batter our way into the castle.

Whether you are interested in  us  supporting your event  or are thinking about becoming one of our valued members