Dominick of Witham

Dominick is from the county of Essex, he currently finds himself in Norfolk on a pilgrimage to Walsingham. He has come to pray to Our Lady for the recovery of his wife’s long illness.
He has previously travelled to other places of Pilgrimage such as Canterbury Cathedral to see the tomb and corona reliquary of St Thomas Becket. He has even visited the Basilica of the Holy Blood, where some of Jesus Christ’s blood is kept, in the city of Bruges in Flanders which took him across the channel.
He has collected various badges from the places he has been, each one tells a story and has a memory attached to them. Feel free to ask him which each of them mean. He’ll be happy to recount a story, just make sure he doesn’t talk too long.
His wife is living with her family as he travels. On his travels he is using the little money that he had manage to save, along with some money from his wife’s family. However it doesn’t go far, so most of the time he is relying on the kindness of others.

Traveling can be long and boring, as Chaucer has told us, so to break up the boredom along the way,
Dominick has brought his games with him. Stop by and he’ll always have a game with you, don’t worry though, he isn’t very good - you’ll probably win.
Dominick also has a drinking horn attached to his belt. Which is unusual, it’s a most old fashioned thing. But maybe it isn’t what it first seems, or so he thinks. You should ask him about it.'