Ann Kemp

I was born in Norwich in 1318. My father, Thomas Kemp was employed as a scribe at the Cathedral Priory, he taught me my letters so I could read and write.
I was married in 1338 to a man named Norbert of Ghent, he was older than me. Norbert was a Flemish weaver who had travelled from Ghent, in the Low Countries to Lincolnshire before finally settling in Norwich to continue his trade.
Norwich was a rich city and Norbert earned a good wage. We had no children

In Feb 1349 (along with a great many others) Norbert was struck down by the plague and died within 3 days.
After his death I took my family name again and vowed never to remarry but to continue with my father’s trade of scribe.
I joined forces with my friend and good gossip Rosamund in the stationer’s shop.
I am now 61 years old and am in good health.